• What are toners
    What is that?

    What are toners and why do we love them?

    The second step after cleansing should be the use of a toner. Korean toners are packed with different substances that are beneficial for your skin and you should choose a toner that is suited for your skin type. This is really not a step that should be skipped, especially if you have any problems with your skin

  • Korean skincare on a budget
    Basic skincare

    How to: Korean skincare routine on a budget | The easy way

    A full Korean skincare routine doesn’t have to be super expensive. Let this post guide you on how to start a Korean skincare routine on a budget. I am always that type of person that looks for a cheap alternative, but still looking for great products. My financial situation isn’t great so I really can’t afford very expensive skincare. So these are my tips for really nice and great skincare products on a budget. If you are completely new to this type of routine I…

  • Magnitone London Microfibre cleansing cloth
    Comparing products,  This and that

    Microfiber cleansing cloths

    My first thought was that I need to remove my eye makeup with an eye makeup remover. But I didn't since these micro fiber cleansing cloths are supposed to work on all makeup. So, I tried putting my thoughts on the side doing this with an open mind. I wet the cloth and massaged my face in circular motions.

  • Comparing Skinfood Sugar Masks
    Comparing products,  Facial Masks

    Skinfood black sugar masks compared

    The Skinfood black sugar mask are exfoliating masks that you apply on a wet face, massage into your skin and then you leave it for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes are up you rinse the face with lukewarm water and then apply you skincare as normally. I have tried all three different versions of this mask and I really think that all of them are great but there are differences between them and I do have a favorite.

  • Missha perfect cover BB cream
    Comparing products,  Face Makeup

    Missha perfect cover BB cream all shades compared

    When looking at these shades I really get confused to what Missha is doing. The shade 25 and 27 is almost the same and way too orangey. The shades might be a perfect match if you are more olived toned. I have always looked for a yellow toned version of Missha's BB cream and before I mixed 23 with 25,27 or 31 to get it more yellow toned. Then I decided to switch to 21 and mix with a darker shades but still no perfect…