• My skincare routine 2019
    MY skincare routine

    My skincare routine March 2019

    My skincare routine March 2019 Since I run this blog, my skincare routine changes all the time and I seldom stick to one routine for long. There are products that I keep coming back to and on this picture it is the Hada labo lotion (my 4th bottle). But this is the routine I follow at the moment.

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    Basic skincare

    Skincarisma; What is ingredient analysis

    You probably always heard that one divide skin types into oily, combination, normal, dry or sensitive skin types. Truly it is really misleading since two people with oily skin types can still have the opposite reaction to the same product. So, dividing your skin into one of these categories are just the first step. To really know what you skin reacts to or like, you need to analyze the ingredients of your product. By doing this it is easy to see what product and ingredients…

  • What is an emulsion?
    What is that?

    What is an Emulsion?

    This is a product that is really confusing for some people and not all brand has an emulsion in their skincare line. Basically, one can say that an emulsion is a very light moisturizer containing more water than a regular moisturizer. Since an emulsion is light, it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into your skin. They normally come in a watery cream liquid, but they can also come in gel form or waterier. They common emulsion has hydrating properties but they can still…

  • What are snail products
    What is that?

    What are snail products?

    So what are snail products and do we really need them. How weird is this, lets slime our faces folks. I bet no one thought they would actually use snail slime on their skin, but now it is a fact. I use snail products daily and really think these products are great. So simply said, snail mucus, snail slime, or snail extract are put into skincare products and makeup.

  • To cleanse or not to cleanse
    Basic skincare

    Do I really need a cleanser

    Do I really need to cleanse and what happens If I don’t? Your dead skin cells will basically start building up creating a hard surface on your skin and it will feel ruff and uneven. The skin wont absorbs any moisture, due to that everything is clogged up. This is also what happened to my skin (read my skin story), not that I didn’t wash, but that my skin was so dry and I didn’t know how much I really needed to exfoliate (just because…

  • What are whitening products
    What is that?

    What are whitening products? Learn how to use them

    What are whitening products: The first time I came across the word was actually in Africa, Kenya (as an exchange student and later on doing my master thesis in biology/ethology) and I really thought it was strange and I really didn’t and don’t get it. When I then came across the word again, but in Korean beauty products I really started wondering what it was all about. I think that most people including myself, get the wrong idea when hearing the word for the first time,…