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Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow review

Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow

Background Comes in 7 shades Burgundy Juicy Orange Fusia Purple Baby Pink Lollipop Pink Vanilla Peach Fuchsia Purple 7 USD My thoughts on Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow I will start by saying that I am not really a lipstick person. I do wish I was, because I think lipsticks looks amazing on other …

Skinfood crayon tint review

Skinfood crayon tint

I really think I bought the wrong color when I ordered this one. I am not a pink person at all and especially when it comes to lip products but obviously I did order a pink one.
But I simply love the packaging of it. I think it is cute and functional and that is probably the main reason I bought it to begin with.

The body shop lip juicer review

The body shop lip juicer

These lip juicers are like a tinted lip balm and according to me they are more tint than balm. I do have dry lips and I use lip balms all the time, but this is not the one I reach for when I need to moisture my lips. I do love the idea though. Instead this is the one I go for when leaving the house and need something that looks quite natural.

Dragon liquid lipsticks review

Dragon liquid lipsticks

I had a period in my life that I saw so many people on Instagram and Pinterest wearing the most beautiful lipsticks and I suddenly realized that I simply had to do the same. First of all, I have to say that I am not a lipstick person at all, I usually think I look older with lipstick or simply just trashy. I often use tints to get a nice shade on my lips that isn’t too much. I know that I am just insecure when it comes to lipsticks and I just have to try them out. I do have a problem with feeling products on my lips, I don’t want any stickiness or any dryness on my lips. Yes, I know this is weird but still that is just my preference.

Revecen moisture shine lip gloss review

Revecen moisture shine lip gloss

The shade I received of the Revecen moisture shine lip gloss is really nice, its orange pink and matches me great on its own or on top of a darker lip for a little shine.

The lasting power is that of a regular lip gloss. So, you need to retouch as the day passes and since it is a gloss the product does transfer

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