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Cheap eBay matte liquid lipsticks

eBay matte liquid lipsticks

For the prize you pay for them, they are simply amazing, all the shades have different formulas, and some a stickier then others. They all are quite drying to the lip, which is common for liquid lipsticks. I really don’t know why I got so many shades, maybe I was just curious to what this was, and if they actually work. I read so many reviews on them and I don’t think I found one that was negative, so I simply just had to try myself.

Cheap eBay lipsticks Sugar Queen

lipsticks Sugar Queen

These are nice lipsticks if you are a person who doesn’t use much lipstick but still want to have a lot of different colors. Or if you simply are a beginner and need some more colors to try out and play with.

When ordering these it will be somewhat of a surprise since the colors doesn’t match the pictures at all. They look really soft almost balm like on the pictures, but in real life they are really opaque lipsticks.

MCC Natural Herb Essential Lip Balm review

MCC Natural Herb Essential Lip Balm

This is a regular lip balm with no added color, and it actually tend to be the type of lip products I use the most. I wish I was more of a color person, but I simply keep on forgetting to add the color to my lips.

This lip balm from MCC isn’t anything special and I usually buy my lip balms from Iherb for a very cheap price so the price tag on this one is way too high for my likings.

This lip balm is moisturizing but it isn’t anything out of the ordinary

Anastasia dupes from eBay. Are they any good?

Anastasia Dragon liquid lipsticks

Anastasia Dragon liquid lipstick This is a dupe, not a fake product Read about the difference here. Background ~1,5 USD 15 colors to choose from My thoughts on Anastasia Dragon liquid lipstick These comes in a lot of different shades and formulas. This one dries completely matte and it dries really fast. The lipstick doesn’t …

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