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Etude House drawing eyebrow

Etude house drawing eyebrow

This is the perfect products for the eyebrows, it is so easy to apply and it looks very natural after applied. I use the shade 01 earth brown and 02 grey brown. I have never over-picked my eyebrows so I still have a natural shape to them, what I look for is fuller eyebrows and stronger color to match the rest of me.

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur review

Etude House shot face blur

This is a nice primer, it does what it supposed to. Of course its effect depends on the canvas (your skin’s condition) to begin with. But it does blur the skin and makes it look better. It also fills the pores and makes them less visible. Not like the Innisfree blur primer but still it is an option.

Peripera peri’s tint water review

Periperas peris tint water

I am a huge fan of tints in general and usually I prefer the tints that aren’t so watery. This is a really great tint with a lot of color payout on the first application.
I have three of the tint, cherry, orange and strawberry and my clear favorite are the cherry juice. These are also ok to use as a cheek tint.

Etude House precious mineral any cushion review

Etude house precious mineral any cushion

This is a product I really like, my shade is W24 and it is a perfect match. The foundation is very easy to apply with its special puff, and it feels really lightweight on the skin.
Korean products usually come in very light shades and it is uncommon that you have a lot to choose from. This one does come In 4 shades (they recently added one shade) so they tend to fit a lot of people.

Update on Etude House proof 10 eye primer

I contacted Etude House due to the question i had about the new applicator on the product and i did get an answer from them. They have changed the doe foot applicator into a brush. So the product i reviewed is the new one. The old applicator was really great but i guess you get a smaller amount when applying with the new little brush instead

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