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Esfolio feet and heel peeling mask review

Esfolio feet and heel peeling mask

I have a love and hate relationship to this type of product. I do love using them but I simply hate how my feet looks during the process of peeling. And I do feel that it is easier to keep filing your feet the regular way once a week, instead of doing this from time to time.

The socks work magic they really do. But when my feet are completely peeled I feel that were the peeling began it is time to start over again. So, parts of my feet look and feel amazing a short time.

Esfolio hand and nail vital mask

Esfolio hand and nail vital mask

Trying this type of product gave me hope for smooth and beautiful hands. Hands really can look old and saggy if they are not taken care of and I feel that hands, feet and chest is often forgotten in skincare.This product looks like simple white gloves that are doubled layered and filled with essence.

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask: review

Mizon Goodnight white sleeping mask

This one I am really not very fond of. The mask contains alcohol, which is a big no no for my skin. some products which contains alcohol works ok on my skin but most times my skin really hates it. There is no difference with this product. It actually even smells alcohol, which according to some is a good thing. To me it is just not very nice. The smell of alcohol is so strong (I have a sensitive nose) that I actually can’t smell anything else. I do know that some say the smell lavender, but I simply don’t.

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