• Color club dry ice quick dry drops
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    Color club dry ice quick dry drops

    The first time I tried the Color club dry ice quick drops I thought it was a really bad product and that it did absolutely nothing. Then I read a few reviews and realized I had to give it another try. The second time I tried it I was really surprised and realized that it actually did work. It helped my nail polish to dry faster.

  • Depend nail polish remover
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    Depend nail polish remover super quick

    I am not a nail person at all. I love doing my nail and I take care of my nails a lot. But I don't have any education of any kind regarding nails or what is best for nails. My nails are acting up a lot and I have dry nails. They are flaking and are not looking the best. But I still do what I think is the best and I keep massaging oil on them and hopefully they will stop behaving bad.

  • Nail Medic Rejuvenator
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    Nail Medic Rejuvenator; review

    The Nail medic Rejuvenator contains three different oils, extracts and vitamins and helps in restoring the nails and cuticle. Normally when I apply an oil to my nails and cuticles, I feel the oil and I know it is there because it doesn’t penetrate that fast. With this one I am really confused....

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