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Secret key snail + EGF repairing eye cream review

Secret key snail repairing eye cream

What is a good or great eye cream actually? I think it is quite hard to say if an eye creams is good or not. There is no eye cream that’s going to magically make your wrinkles disappear. What they will do, is help with dark under eye circles, puffy eyes, dryness, discoloration, and hydration. They can also slow down the process of wrinkles, that is working as an anti-aging product

Pink bird review Etude House precious mineral BB cream Moist

Etude house precious mineral bb cream moist

The smell is the typical Etude house smell, I do prefer my products to be without scent and I do feel that this has a quite strong smell.

The packaging is nice and simple, with just a tube of product.

The finish is dewy but not too dewy, so I do think even people with oily skin could use this. It does have a gray cast (at least the shade sand) and it is not a complete match for my skin tone. I was expecting it to oxidize into fitting me better, but It never did. So, I need to warm it up with some bronzer.

Baviphat baby cheek cream blush

Baviphat baby cheek in Baby pink

It is supposed to be a blush in a pretty packaging, but what I see is just pretty packaging. When you squeeze out the product it has a sheer lavender tone to it, and then you blend it in and the color just simply vanishes. By vanish I mean, I don’t see it at all. It I apply several layers on top of each other, there might be a tiny tint of color. But seriously this is one of the worst products I have ever tried.

A’pieu air fit cushion review

apieu air fit cushion1

The cover is medium with a dewy finish. It does a great job in evening out the skin tone. I am very red around my nose, chin and parts of the cheeks, and this cancels the redness very well.
The shades are the normal (for Korean products). The undertone is more to the yellow side with a little pink in it. So, no gray tones (yeah).
In the winter time this cushion almost matches me perfect, it is still a little too light but it is easy to fix with a tiny amount of bronzer.

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