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Pink Bird review, Etude House fix & fix tone up primer in mint

Etude House FIx & Fix Primer

I really have difficulties using Korean green primers. These primers are simply primers to even your skin tone from redness (which I do have) and to make the final result more even. But what always seem to happen on me is that I look like a freakish clown. I turn completely pale and that to me is not even the skin tone at all, that is simply bleaching my appearance.

Etude House super slim eyeliners

Etude House super slime eyeliner

This pencil is really thin and I feel that it is quite hard to work with just because the pencil is so thin. When applied on the waterline it is not completely black, more grayish and I do feel that it is not very smooth.
I very seldom use a black liner, since my eyes are hooded It can sometimes look like I only wear eyeliner it I use the black once. But I do use them mainly for tight lining for a fuller look of my eyelashes. When I use black eyeliner I really want it to be black and not gray.

An eye cream from Mizon that gets no love from me, Mizon Power Collagen Firming Eye Cream

Mizon collagen firming eye cream

This eye cream is really moisturizing. If you have dry areas around your eyes, this might be perfect for you. This is the only product I can say is actually too moisturizing for me. I do see a difference after applying this, but I do think it is simply because the area is really moist. A shiny surface looks smoother than a surface that is dry. I also feel that it plumps my eyes somewhat and make them puffy (and I really don’t like that).

Testing Klairs products together and WHAT! Total fail for me.

Klairs creamy and fit concealer

First I will just say, that I have no problems with the brand Klairs at all. I just noticed that it looked weird on my skin and wanted to see what really happens.

These products are bought by me from Wishtrend some time ago, and I have always had the same problems with them. I just had them stored, and every time I tested them I got the same result. I don’t know it I got a bad concealer or if there are anybody else out there who have the same experience

A concealer that acts weird on my skin. Klairs creamy and natural fit

Klairs creamy and fit concealer

I really do like the packaging. It is a standard packaging with a doe foot applicator. I usually apply the concealer with the doe foot and then I just blend and pat with my fingers to give it a more natural result.

The application method recommended for this one is a little odd. I would never conceal first and then apply foundation or BB cream on top. To me that just sounds weird. Depending on what BB or foundation one uses, there might not be need for so much concealer.

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