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Urtekram Aloe Vera shampoo

Urtekram Aloe Vera shampoo

Urtekram Aloe Vera shampoo is really cheap and really amazing for the price you pay. It is organic which I do prefer and my kids use this one as well.The smell is somewhat herblike but not too much and not too strong, I really enjoy the smell of this shampoo.

Skin House wrinkle eye cream plus: review

Skin House wrinkle eye cream plus

This is one of my favorite eye cream I have ever tried. It does an amazing job in keeping my under-eye area moist and happy. Which in turn makes my eyes look younger and more awake. There isn’t often I wished I didn’t have the urge to try more and new products, but in this case, I wished I could stick with this one forever

Skin watchers UV success sunscreen review

Skin watchers UV success sunscreen

This sun screen is very lightweight on the skin. it does not leave any oily feeling or stickiness, it feels more like a regular moisturizer. I just hate the feeling when you put a sunscreen on and your face turns into a shiny disco ball.

The cream is white and comes in a squeezy tube, so the packaging is really perfect for this type of product.

The SAEM healing tea garden cleansing tissue

The SAEM healing tea garden cleansing tissue

I have always looked on this type of product with big question marks. I do know that there is a lot of people who use these cleansing tissues in their daily routine and I simply don’t get it. I always double cleanse and I really don’t get the feeling that my skin is really clean after using it. I always want to rinse my face and get all the product out.

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