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Wish Formula SPECIAL kit review from Jolse Part 2

wish formula special kit

Jolse (the store) searched for 30 people to try some products from Wish formula, I applied and was selected. So thereby I was sent these products to try out.

What this means is that I got a few products send to me, and I am testing them out and telling my opinion on the products. I am not getting paid or benefited in any way by recommending or not recommending the products.

The smell is amazing and I just want to eat it, Skinfood black sugar strawberry mask review

Skinfood black sugar strawberry

The exfoliating ingredient is Brazilian black sugar. Sugar is a really good exfoliator because it melts while you massage you skin. Other ingredient like nut shells is much harsher on the skin and can cause some irritation, so you better avoid those.

The product smells like sweet strawberries and the smell just makes me want to eat it. It is quite strong scented but it doesn’t bother me at all, and I am usually quite sensitive to strong smells.

Skin Watchers ceramizing essence toner: review


I love this on, this is my new favorite toner. It used to be this one from Etude House. But I have completely changed my mind on this. This one is so great that I do expect magic to happen to my skin. Here (Sweden) it is winter now (still no snow and +5 during the days) but the cold weather really makes my skin even more drier (as if that would be possible) so it is really important that I moisturize a lot, or else my skin will actually crack from dryness

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