• Bioderma cleansing water

    Bioderma Sensibio H2O review

    Micellar waters is not a type of product that I use very often. I do find them super practical in times like camping, traveling or when I am just super lazy. I will never use them to remove makeup since I do think that other type of products does this much better. Like an oil cleanser

  • Tonymoly Wonder Olive Tox Cleansing Oil

    Tonymoly Wonder Olive Tox Cleansing Oil

    I love oil cleansers. And I mean really love them. I find them to be the most gentle and non damaging to my skin of all cleanser types there is. Cleansing balms falls under the same category. My skin is super dry and I do follow the double cleanse method but this depends on how my skin is at a certain time. If I use a lot of makeup or if I have been using sunblock I always double cleanse.

  • Polaar ice pure micellar water
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    Polaar ice pure micellar water review

    Polaar ice pure micellar water is clear and really lightweight, it has a chemical scent but no added perfume (which is what I prefer). It does a great job in cleansing my skin without me pushing and dragging too much on my skin. Which is one reason I don't normally like using this type of product.