• P.CALM water barrier sun cream
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    P.CALM Water Barrier Sun Cream Review

    Compared to other sun creams I usually go for this one is a little bit more expensive. I really don't know why I just don't like spending more money than I need on sun cream. They are super important and it should really be the opposite. But after trying this one I might just start spending a little more.

  • AMPLEN Peptide Shot Ampoule
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    AMPLEN Peptide Shot Ampoule

    AMPLEN Peptide Shot Ampoule comes in a large glass bottle with a pipette. I love the packaging of this serum and it is nice to use. I do get a little scared when using glass bottles. Often due to slippery hands (for using a lot of skincare products) I just visualize that I am going to drop it.

  • Nivea Q10 Power Expert Wrinkle Filler Serum
    Eye Skincare,  Not for me

    Nivea Q10 Power Expert Wrinkle Filler Serum

    Always when I read a description like the one for this product I get really skeptical. I guess I am that type of person who simply needs to question things and don't believe unless I see it for myself. Before I started testing it I actually read a few reviews, and since most of them are positive I was getting more curious to see what my thoughts were.

  • iUNIK Noni Light Oil Serum

    iUNIK Noni Light Oil Serum

    When I first saw this serum I was super excited. It just sounded to good to be true. My skin type is really dry and I seldom find a product that really impress me. Or that really makes my skin feel hydrated and satisfied. The most common feeling is that directly after using skincare products my skin feels really moisturized and happy but it is not a feeling that last on my ski

  • AHC - Youth Lasting Real Eye Cream
    Eye Skincare

    AHC Youth Lasting Real Eye Cream | Does it work?

    AHC - Youth Lasting Real Eye Cream is really thick in consistency. I do find it to be a little inconvenient due to that it takes longer for it to penetrate my skin. This is only inconvenient if you apply makeup directly after you have done your skincare routine. If you don't use makeup it really isn't a problem