• Beauty of Joseon Apricot Peeling Gel
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    Beauty of Joseon Apricot Peeling Gel Review

    No matter what type of skin you have you really should use some type of exfoliating product. As for my skin that ends up in the category super dry desert like skin type it is absolutely crucial that I do. If i don't my skin becomes flaky and I will have really dry patches on my skin. These dry patches makes it impossible for the products I put on top to actually penetrate and do its job.

  • Jordgobé refreshing Scrub mask

    Jorgobé Scrub mask review

    Jorgobé scrub mask is sort of a two type of product and depending on your skin type I would use it in differently. If you have the same type of skin as me, that is desert dry I would use it as a scrub only. But if you are on the oilier side I think it would be great to use it as a mask as well. If you are in between I would really recommend you to try it out and see what suits…

  • Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel
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    Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel review

    I just love peeling gels and I think this is that type of product that everyone should use for their skin. peeling gels are much softer on the skin than for example a sugar scrub. Which makes this a perfect type of product for sensitive skin types as well. I have super dry skin and I know a lot of people who thinks that if you have dry skin you should not exfoliate. But nothing could be more wrong about that.