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Mishibox February 2017

Mishibox Feb 2017

A’pieu Non-latex blending puff
Esfolio Hand and Nail vital mask
Holika Holika The Pig-nose clear blackhead steam starter
No:hj Bananaman SSUL Mask Pack Green tea
Sam and Sean the broccoli Essence

My second box from Mishibox January 2017

Mishibox January 2017

When I first got this I thought this one is never going to mist. Since the product really seems like a thick gel like product. And by experience when trying to squeeze out thick product from a spray nozzle, what usually happens is when you spray the mist just turns into a blob of product, and not a nice spray. Happily this was not the case with this product. When I sprayed it actually came out as a nice mist. So I am super excited to try this product out.

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