• 6 Amazing foundations for dry and mature skin
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    6 Amazing foundations for dry and mature skin

    If you have dry or mature (or both) skin you probably experience some difficulties in finding a really nice foundation or BB cream. The struggles might be that the product settles in your lines or clings to dry patches. Or if you have really dry skin like me, you might experience discomfort in using facial makeup. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a product for you out there it just means that you haven't found it yet.

  • CurrentBody LED mask
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    CurrentBody LED mask

    When I received this I had done some research on it trying to understand more what to expect. Always when trying product out it is super important that the expectations of a product is not set too high or one will only get disappointed. So my main thought was that I was hoping to get a little bit more even skin tone

  • Before and after Korean skincare
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    My skin before and after Korean Skincare | a winning method

    When I was a youth I never had any interest in skincare. My skin was ok compared to a lot of my friends and the I really never struggled with pimples or oily skin. Instead my issue was super dry skin.  Since I really didn't know much about skincare and really didn't have any interest in learning I simply did what all other people did. I used product with alcohol and didn't even think about toners or serums. 

  • Banish Starter kit
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    My experience with Banish skincare

    When I got contacted by Banish Skincare my first thought was to say no. Simply because I felt that their products might not be for me. They usually advertise towards acne scars. And since I don't have any I felt that it was wrong for me to try it out. But after doing more research on their products I saw that they also recommend their products for hyperpigmentation and redness

  • The Banisher
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    The banisher 2.0 review

    The Banisher comes in a clean and simple packaging. I really love that there is a cap for disinfecting the product before and after each use. I think this is a really cleaver way to reinsure that the stamper is always clean.