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Soroci soothing skin toner; my thoughts

Soroci Soothing Skin Toner

This is a product I really didn’t like from the beginning. It smells weird, almost chemical and I really thought it was going to be horrible for my skin.

The toner is really watery and transparent and doesn’t seem to be very moisturizing and I really can’t say that it is, but it is definitely not drying either.

Usually with Korean toners they are thicker and you really feel like they are doing wonders for your skin, but this one doesn’t but I really like how my skin feels after using this.

Pink bird, Etude House honey cera sample kit first impression

Honey Cera kit

This toner is milky white and like a regular Korean toner, thicker in consistency, but still very fluent. The toner absorbs rather quick into my skin without leaving a sticky finish and I do like this one. I don’t think I will buy it again, simply because there are other toners I like better.
There are some acne triggers in this product so if you are sensitive or acne prone I would recommend you to check out the ingredients first This one smells like sweet honey and I really love the scent off this.

Pink bird first impression Soon Jung pH 5.5 relief toner, Pure love or not?


I am only making a first impression of this due to that I simply think that there isn’t enough product in a sample to give an honest review of it. Therefor a first impression is more suited.

The toner has no smell, which is a huge plus for me. I am really not a fan of scented products. I really think that when you have so many products on your face, body, hair etc., and everything has a scent.

Chamos ACACI snail repair aqua gel mist review

Chamos ACACI snail repair aqua gel mist

I really love mists but I use them way too seldom and I really don’t know why actually. I usually use Innisfree green tea mineral mist, but I got this one in a Mishibox (January) and just needed to try it out.

When spraying this one my face it feels really cool and refreshing and it absorbs really quickly without leaving any stickiness whatsoever.

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