• What are facial mists
    What is that?

    What are facial mists?

    When I first started using Korean skincare product (2015) this type of product was completely new to me. I hadn't used it before and really didn't know much about them. Today almost every brand seem to have one, which is just amazing.

  • What are snail products
    Skincare,  What is that?

    What are snail products?

    How weird is this, lets slime our faces folks. I bet no one thought they would actually use snail slime on their skin, but today it is really common. I use snail products on a regular basis and I think these products are amazing.

  • What is that?

    What are toners/facial waters and why do we love them?

    The second step after cleansing should be the use of a toner. Korean toners are packed with different substances that are beneficial for your skin and you should choose a toner that is suited for your skin type. This is really not a step that should be skipped, especially if you have any problems with your skin

  • The Saem Dewy Love Hydrating Emulsion
    What is that?

    What is an Emulsion?

    This is a product that is really confusing for some people and not all brand has an emulsion in their skincare line. Basically, one can say that an emulsion is a very light moisturizer containing more water than a regular moisturizer. Since an emulsion is light, it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into your skin. They normally come in a watery cream liquid, but they can also come in gel form or waterier. They common emulsion has hydrating properties but they can still…

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