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What are whitening products?

Ost C20 serum

Whitening products The first time I came across the word was actually in Africa, Kenya (as an exchange student and later on doing my master thesis in biology/ethology) and I really thought it was strange and I really didn’t and don’t get it. When I then came across the word again, but in Korean beauty …

What is a BB cream

Missha magic bb cushion

The first bb creams was created by dermatologists in South Korea in 1985 and the purpose was to treat and protect the skin after skin surgery, not only to hide the marks but also to treat the skin. Celebrities started using them due to that the skin looked

flawless and natural and then it began. Most of the BB creams you find in Europe does not compare to the ones from Asia.

What is Velcro hair stickers?

Velcro hair stickers

First time i saw these on Ebay I simply did not get it. Why and what is that. And are you actually supposed to walk outside with those attached to your hair. I just thought they looked completely weird.

You get 10 for about 1 USD, but they are washable and will last you a very long time

What are facial mists?

Chamos snail repairing aqua gel mist

I am a huge fan of mists. This is pure moisture in a bottle. I do tend to forget that i actually have them, but when i do remember i use them, and really can’t understand that I forgot about them. Sounds weird I know, but sorry I am only human.

There are many different types of facial mists and some are actually essences in a spray bottle and can be used as a quick treatment during the day.

What is a cushion foundation?

secret kiss cushion

Basically it is a cushion soaked in BB cream or CC cream or foundation. The great thing about this product is actually the applicator which is a puff that doesn’t soak up the product.
I really love cushions, I think they are so easy to use, and the result is really great. Of course you can buy the puff on the side (Etude house has one that is really amazing).

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