Cleansing my face with oils, what a wonderful idea. But what are cleansing oils?

What are cleansing oils?

These are cleansers to be used in the first step of double cleansing. They can be used alone, but if you have a full face on, i really recommend to double cleanse.

Cleansing oils is a really effective cleanser which helps not only to remove the makeup on your face but also to treat specific problems.

The most common oils to be used in are grape seed oil, almond oil, coconut oil, mineral oil, apricot oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. I am not going to go in too deep but all oils have different benefits for the skin and works towards specific concerns. But that will have to be a completely different post.

The face shop Rice Water Bright
The Face Shop Rice Water Bright cleansing rich oil

When looking for a cleansing oil, you need to thick of what the problems are for your skin type. Dryness, acne prone, redness, aging, oily and so on. And then you need to find that specific oil cleanser that target those areas. If you want me to recommend some different oils for different skin types, just let me know and I will fix a post on that.

A great oil to start with can be Banila Co clean it Zero, it is an oil cleanser but it comes in a balm (a jar) and it is one of my favorite cleansers. They also have different versions of it, to target certain problems.

Oil cleansers are amazing to get rid of oily products that are already on your skin, for example foundation, concealer or sunscreen.

banila co clean it zero
Banila co clean it zero

Oil solves oil and not water. If you are using a lot of makeup the oils will simply bind to the product and both makeup and oil is easily rinsed off.

Are oil cleansers only for those with dry skin?

Absolutely NOT. Just because you have oily skin it doesn’t mean you can’t use oils to clean your face with. You just need to choose an oil for oily skin types. There are misconceptions that just because you have oily skin your skin type is oily and that is not always the case. An oily skin can still be dehydrated (that means lack of moisture (not oil, these are two different things). So, an oily skin can still need a lot of moisture.

Nature republic argan cleansing oil
Nature republic argan cleansing oil

If you haven’t tried an oil cleanser, now is a good time to start.

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