Clio Healing bird shampoo
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Clio Healing bird shampoo review


300 ml (full sized bottle)
14 USD
Comes in 6 different versions

  • Grapefruit & Wild Mango
  • YlangYlang & Green Tea
  • Freesia & Green Bouquet
  • Cherry Blossom & Peach
  • Blueberry & Vanilla
  • Rose & Cedarwood

I have the Freesia & green bouquet version and a sample bottle of 35 ml


I was not able to find the ingredients anywhere which is really annoying.

So, I won’t be able to apply any ingredient analysis at all. I do know that they are all free from silicone, artificial coloring, mineral oils, animal ingredients (vegan then I guess) and sulfate surfactants. But I really can’t check.

My thoughts on Clio Healing bird shampoo

This is a really nice shampoo. I always have a problem with shampoos since I have dry scalp, dry hair dry skin and I do think you get the point by now. The only thing that isn’t dry on me is my personality😊.

The packaging is really cute, on top of the bottle is a tiny bird on top and that just makes my day. Silly I know, but still😊 the shampoo smells really nice and the smell isn’t overwhelming which suits me perfectly. This is, according to their website a sulfate free shampoo and usually with sulfate free shampoos you need to wash your hair twice, but I really can’t find that recommendation anywhere. But anyway, that is what I have been doing, since I felt I should.

The cutest tiny bird
The cutest tiny bird

You only need a tiny amount of the product, so the bottle will last a long time. It lathers perfectly and that is usually a problem with sulfate free shampoo. I do notice a difference in lathering between the first and second application but still it lathers well on first wash.

It rinses easily as well, and I hope you really know the importance of really rinsing your hair from the shampoo.

It does what a shampoo is supposed to, it cleans my hair and doesn’t make it drier than it already is.

I would love to try the full size of this one, but since I cant find the ingredients anywhere I probably wont buy it.

Where to get it


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