Comparing Missha vs Purito BB cream
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Comparing Missha vs Purito BB cream


Missha signature real complete BB cream VS Purito Cica Clearing BB cream shade 23

I have been using Korean BB creams for a long time and there have been hits and there have been misses. My skin type is super dry and there is always a risk of a product looking patchy on my skin. Both of these BB creams are amazing for my skin and they both blend into my skin without leaving any weird dry areas visible.

I will say that it is important to exfoliate (but not too often) when having dry skin, just to get rid of some of those dead skin cells.

So why am I comparing these two. Simply because they are both super similar and they are both amazing for dry skin.


Missha comes in a larger tube, it is a little bit more fancy looking. The packaging is surrounded by hard plastic so it is not a regular soft tube with a pump as their more famous Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream has.

Purito has a more simple packaging (which is nothing that will make it less amazing). And comes in a regular squeezing tube.

Swatches Missha to the left and Purito to the right

Amount of product

Missha is about 50 ml and Purito is 30 ml so you get more product with the Missha one but the price is almost double the amount. Missha costs between 20-30 USD and Purito is 10-20 USD.

If you compare this to the regular Missha Perfect Cover BB cream which is the same price as the Purito one. You get more for your money by going for that one. The perfect cover BB cream is not as moisturizing as these two and might be a better option for oilier skin types.


Both are shade 23, and I know that the shade looks really weird and gray but it blends in perfectly with my skin and doesn’t look gray on my skin. Missha’s comes in 4 shades (which is lesser than their regular BB cream that comes in 7 shades). But Purito only comes in 3 which actually is sad since there are so many people that cant use their products. I always tend to buy two shades, one 23 and one darker (for summer, or to mix if I feel I need to).

Comparing the shade 23 Missha is a little bit darker than the Purito but it really isn’t noticeable when blended in.

Coverage and texture

When Comparing Missha vs Purito BB cream they are almost identical, I do find that the Purito sets a little bit faster than Missha’s but that isn’t something that bothers me. Both are really easy to apply (I usually use my hands) but they work well with sponge or brush as well. Both have medium coverage and they are both buildable. The Missha is a little bit more dewy but the Purito has that moisturizing effect lasting longer (you dry people know what I mean).

As for lasting power, they both last me the whole day so nothing to complain about.


Missha is strongly scented which is the only downside comparing these two. Purito has no scent and that is really a winner in this category. The Missha strong scent is probably effecting my eyes as well. That might be important if you have sensitive eyes.



These are both simply amazing and they have both hit my favorite list for sure. The Missha one I have been using for many years and the Purito just recently. But if I was to choose one I would go for Purito. Simply due to that the Missha is strongly scented and my eyes sometimes react to that as well. But they are both just amazing and I recommend both of them.

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