COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid
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COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid

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100 ml
All skin types bust best suited for acne prone skin types.
~20 USD

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BHA & Niacinamide exfoliating liquid for gentle exfoliation and oil control. Suggested for mid-level acid users (more explanation on mid- level acid users further down). It clear clogged pores, prevent breakouts and reduce marks from spots and balance the oil production.

How to use it

After cleansing and the use of a toner/essence. Apply 2-3 pumps on a cotton pad. Be sure to let the toner or essence absorb before you apply the BHA, and gently move the pad across your face or on targeted areas. Use 1-3 times a week and gradually build up the usage. If used during the day, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.


Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Butylene Glycol, Betaine Salicylate, Niacinamide, 1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol

COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid
COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid

My thoughts on COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid

Acids in skincare is something that I am not super used to. I do use them but I feel a little insecure and noticed that I don’t explore as much. I have tried this one from Cosrx before but never wrote a review on it so I decided it was time.

My skin is really dry, but I also have some issues with pores on nose and chin and therefor I started using this types of products.

Don’t be scared using it but you should not overdo it. It is a gentle acid but it is still an acid and you really need to know your own skin before using it or at least during the time you use it.

Acids are amazing to help with oily skin but it is also great for dry skin but you need to be gentle using it and not overdo it.

It is recommended to start using it once a week and that is how you are supposed to do it just to let your skin get used to it. If you are using other exfoliating products chemical or mechanical (scrubs, konjac sponjes or any electronic device) don’t use them at the same time or the day after or before. If you start over exfoliating your skin you will hurt your skins barrier and your skin will start acting up in different ways.

COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid
COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid

What does mid-level acid users means?

In the description of COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid it says that they recommend you to be a mid-level acid users. Mainly that means that if you have not tried any acids you should start with the mildest one just to see how your skin reacts. A mild acid would be one with Lactic acid in it. I am working on a post on different types of acids as well. But starting with lactic acid is the safest way. But if you still have bought this one just start once a week and don’t overdo it. Start using it on a smaller part of your face as for example the nose or chin. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen as well.

Want to learn more about different types of exfoliating products you can read here.

I use this 1-2 times a week, depending on if I have used any other type of exfoliating product. I do have really dry skin and get dry patches that needs to be exfoliated and this is not always doing the best job with that. And since I have dry skin I don’t want to overuse this product.

Whenever I have been using it, I make sure that I really add good steps after it. For example I never use any strong serums (like vitamin C) and this one at the same day since that is just a big no no. I do prefer using it during my evening routine since that is when I often apply a sleeping mask as well and then my skin feels really moisturized.

If you use it in your morning routine be sure to add sunscreen on top no matter what the weather is like since your skin will be more sensitive after using it. One time I did forget to apply sunscreen and my face got really sun burned after. So at least I learned that lesson.


COSRX BHA blackhead power liquid comes in a typical COSRX packaging. A frosted plastic bottle with a pump. It is a perfect type of packing since it is easy to get the right amount of product out.

Texture and scent

It is unscented and it is really light-weight in texture. You really wont feel it working on your skin unless you get a slightly tingling sensation. But if you don’t feel anything that doesn’t mean that it isn’t working.

I use this after cleansing and toning. You are not supposed to wash it off. You just apply it (I prefer using a cotton pad and two pumps) as you would any other product, and then I apply the rest of my skincare routine.


So does it work?

Yes it does. It is a mild exfoliating product so you cant expect it to do miracles after one use. But if you use it continuously you will absolutely noticed a difference to your skin. I usually love a good sugar scrub or a peeling gel. and I do use them from time to time. But that is mostly when my skin need that type of exfoliating. You need to look at your skin and decide what you need. But start gentle since it is much easier to add an extra day a week then repair a damaged skin barrier.


Acids are really amazing for your skin and you shouldn’t be scared using them. Instead you should get to learn what your skin likes and dislikes. Using it once a week is not to little it is just you giving your skin the time it needs. I really like this product and recommend it to all skin types, just use it as it is supposed to be used and you will be perfectly fine.

I give this product 7/7

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