Are you my one and only moisturizer? COSRX honey ceramide full moisture cream first impression

I have been looking to buy this one for quite some time, but still I never got around to it until now. Mainly because I am testing a lot of creams and I really need time when testing them out and I was testing a few others (that I thought were really great) and since every product has an expiration date, I really didn’t want to waste products.

Cosrx honey ceramide full moisture cream
Cosrx honey ceramide full moisture cream

If you have dry skin, then I really think you just need this one. I have tried it a couple of times now and I am really amazed and my skin feels really moisturized.

This might be too much, depending on the rest of your routine. If you don’t follow the Korean routine, this is an amazing moisturizer to use as a one and only product.

I felt that it was hard to get the product to penetrate completely (depending on what other products I am using) therefore I am going the check out how it acts depending on what products I put on before this one. But as a night cream, I think I found my favorite product. Just saying hats off to Cosrx.

Where to get it



BB cosmetics

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