Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask
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Cosrx rice nourishing overnight spa mask first impression

I have heard so much about this that I actually just felt that I had to have it. The prize is really great and I do love my sleeping masks and if you are a little lazy like me, this type of masks is perfect.

It comes in a glass jar and no spatula comes with the product, but be really sure to use on and don’t dip any fingers in the jar.

Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice
Cosrx ultimate nouriching rice overnight spa mask
Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice
Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice

A sleeping mask, what is it? 

It actually is exactly what it sounds like, a mask that you sleep in and wash off during morning. It is perfect for all skin types and different mask has different properties. If your skin lacks moisture (not oil) your wrinkles will be more visible and of course we don’t want that. Sleeping masks comes in many price ranges, and I will review some for you. If you are a little lazy and don’t always feel like slapping on a sheet mask or another type of mask, this is perfect cause it does the job whilst you sleep.

My thoughts on the COSRX ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask

This mask is just wow. The hype about it is there for a reason and if you need to try one sleeping mask this is it. First time I used it my skin felt amazing in the morning and I will definitely keep on using this one too see how my skin feels.

It has no direct scent (which I do prefer) more than cream and it is very easy to apply on the skin. It penetrates rather quickly, depending on what products you are using before this one.

I am going to be using this for some time, and then I can give you a full review on the product.

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