CurrentBody LED mask
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CurrentBody LED mask

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This was was received as a gift from CurrentBody
I have a discount code of 15% by using the code TESS

What is a LED mask

Read this post for more information and finding out what mask will suit your skin the best.

But shortly put. This mask uses red light at 633 nm and near red (IR) 830 nm. By using these types of lights the mask works at the lower levels of your skin (dermis and hypodermis). The benefits of the mask depends on what wavelength the mask has. This one targets collagen production and is great for anti-aging purposes. I suffer from EDS (not going into this here) but it effects my collagen in a bad way.

CurrentBody LED mask
CurrentBody LED mask

Description from CurrentBody’s website

The CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Face Mask combines Red (633nm) and Near-Infrared (830nm) light wavelengths to kickstart our skin’s collagen production. These restorative benefits penetrate deep under the skin’s surface for instant and long-lasting transformative results. It’s the ‘Hollywood Glow’ wavelength!

Sensitivity test

The first thing you need to do is a sensitivity test and see how your skin reacts to it. This simply means that you test the mask out on an area that isn’t your face. I used my underarm. Let it run a full cycle of 10 minutes and then see how your skin react. Your skin should not feel warm or look red. If you get any sort of reaction you should return the mask to CurrentBody for a full refund.

How to use it?

Cleanse your face and let it dry. You could use a hyaluronic serum, green tea serum or an eye cream together with the mask. But make sure to use product that wont damage your skin or that the products you are using contains any spf (see this post for more info).

Attach the mask and run a full cycle of 10 minutes.

After finishing a cycle, clean your mask and let store it. If the led light feels too bright there are eye protection googles that you can use. Or simply close your eyes.

Red light
Red light

What was in my package?

I received the LED mask, (there is a post on YouTube as well where you can see exactly how everything looks), instruction, charger, charging cable, a pouch to store the mask in and googles. I also received 10 facial masks that I can use together with the mask or on its own (there is a review on those as well here)

How often should you use it

Well this is more or less according to you. I have seen different recommendations and the recommendations as I write this post is that you can use it daily. That is of course if it fits into your routine. I have been using it 5 times a week.

What I received
What I received

My skin concerns

I have really dry skin and during winter my skin is always acting up. Since I suffer from EDS my skin is effected as well which basically gives me less collagen to start with. I do have wrinkles and hyper pigmentation but I do not suffer from any acne or scarring.

My thoughts on CurrentBody LED mask

When I received this I had done some research on it trying to understand more what to expect. Always when trying product out it is super important that the expectations of a product is not set too high or one will only get disappointed. So my main thought was that I was hoping to get a little bit more even skin tone (I have redness around my nose, cheek and chin). And that was basically it. I did not expect miracles (like looking 10 years younger). But I went in with an open mind hoping that I would see some changes for the better.

CurrentBody LED mask is a soft mask, which simply means that it is bendable and really easy to use. You simply strap it onto the back of your head adjusting it accordingly. I do find that it is a little difficult moving around with the mask on since it tend to glide down in the back of my head. So instead of running around with it on (I do find that difficult anyways since the light is strong and makes it difficult to see much) I simply lay down doing absolutely nothing.

To start using it you just press the button (hold it in) and then it will stop after a 10 minute cycle. I just wipe it off with some alcohol and store it in the bag. So I do find the mask really simple to use. It doesn’t take much time and I can get on with the rest of my skincare routine as soon as I am done with the mask.

Since this is the first and only mask I have ever tried I really can’t say if it is more comfortable than others. And saying it is comfortable, well it isn’t but it is not uncomfortable either. I wonder if anyone can claim that anything you put on your face except from skincare really is.

My results

Me being a person with extremely dry skin and having problems with collagen (due to EDS) I wasn’t expecting much to actually happen. And when reading about these masks overall I didn’t see many people talking about benefits for dry skin. Most of the information is about wrinkles and uneven skin tones. I do have an issue with talking about anti aging products and showing proof or results since you really can’t say how your skin would look if you didn’t use the mask. I am thinking of environmental factors, food, hormonal cycles and a lot of other things.

But what I can say is that my skin feels really amazing and that ever since I started using this mask my skin has not been extremely dry at all. I was really surprised due to that every winter there has been the same problem. My skin feels so dry and it actually feels painful. This winter my skin did not feel painful or in need of tons of moisture. And if you are like me you know that this is a huge thing. I did noticed that my skin got a little bit more even around my nose. But there is not a big difference. Overall my skin just looks and feels nicer.

I am really surprised and since I did not really expect much to happen I am super exited to continue using it and to see if it gets even better.

Current body skin Led mask 9


If you want nicer looking skin in general or if you have specific issues to your skin I would definitely recommend you to try this mask out. It helped my skin a lot with dryness and the overall look of my skin just looks better.

I did get a discount code for you to use as well if you want to try the mask out. You will get 15% off if you use the code TESS on their LED range of products.

I give this product 7/7

Where to get it


Use the code TESS for 15% off their LED range

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