Daycell Panda WaWa Hand Cream
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Daycell hand cream. The prettiest packaging ever

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Daycell Hand Cream WaWa Panda


This hand cream comes in three different scents

60 ml
~8 USD

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Daycell Panda WaWa Hand Cream
Daycell Panda WaWa Hand Cream

My thoughts on Daycell Panda WaWa Hand Cream

This hand cream has a really lovely scent of citrus and that is one favorite scent of mine. I do like the freshness of the smell and prefer that over sweet sugary scents. The smell doesn’t linger on your hands but simply fades quite quickly leaving a more cream like scent to it.

The packaging is just amazing, I mean, just look at it. It is a panda tube, what more is there to say?

The hand cream is a little tacky and it feels like it takes forever for it so sink in to my hands. So, I really can’t say I love it. It does moisture my hands and makes them feel smooth, but still there is something there that doesn’t completely sink into my hands. I usually prefer a hand cream from Neutrogena and compared to that one, this is not matching my standards. I do have really dry hands so I do need my hand creams to be really moisturizing, but still I prefer to leave them without the stickiness.

It is not a hand cream I will buy again though

Daycell handcream 003

I give this product 2/7

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