Depend nail polish remover
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Depend nail polish remover super quick

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Depend nail polish remover super quick
100 ml or 250 ml
3-5 USD

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My thoughts on Depend nail polish remover

I am not a nail person at all. I love doing my nail and I take care of my nails a lot. But I don’t have any education of any kind regarding nails or what is best for nails.

My nails are acting up a lot and I have dry nails. They are flaking and are not looking the best. But I still do what I think is the best and I keep massaging oil on them. Hopefully they will stop behaving bad.

With this information I just want you to know that I don’t know if this product is the best for the problems I have with my nails (if you know, please let me know). But I will just give you the information about a product that is really doing a great job in removing my nail polish.

I always end up coming back to this one after trying other products. I do feel that this is fast, and it does what it claims. There is also a dip in version, but if you have really strong color or glitter polish on it is easier to remove it with the regular polish.

The depend nail polish remover removes my nail polish really fast and easy and I really don’t have to work a lot to remove it. If I use a glitter polish I will leave a pad with polish on for about 20 seconds before removing the nail polish.

The scent is really strong and I do know it comes in another version that is without scent but still very effective. This version seems to be for drier nails and I will absolutely try this one the next time I need a refill.

Doesn’t contain oil, color or perfume. Doesn’t contain acetone but still dries the nail surface if you use it often.

I give this product 7/7

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