About the blog

Love for K-beauty is an independent blog supported via affiliation.

I am not an educated professional dermatologist or educated in skincare in any way. I am simply super nerdy when it comes to skincare and are learning through trial and error. My recommendations are recommendations alone, and I do not state anywhere that these products will work for everyone. Always make sure to test the product out before you buy a full product or test it out on a safer part then your face first.


All information on this blog is for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial purposes. The pictures belong to the blog Loveforkbeauty and are taken by me (unless it states otherwise) If you are interested in using any pictures, contact me and I will not be impossible, if I am rightfully credited. It is fine to share and link to my blog posts without changing any material in it, and to be sure that there is link back to my blog.

Sponsored reviews

This means that the product has been sent to me from a company or a brand, to simply test them out. I will not work with any company who tells me what to say or what to think. My thoughts are my own and if I don’t like a product I will simply say so. What usually happens is that a brand might need reviews on certain products and they send me a sample. Usually they just want a link to the product and to their store (that’s it). So far, I have not got any request from a store or brand with other demands then this.

Most of the products on my blog are bought with my own money, if I do a sponsored post that will clearly be stated on the post.

To be able to do a good review, products needs to be tested over a period of time. If I am for example only send one small sample or a product that I can only use once, I will not do a full review on it.


This is simply a link with my blogs is connected to it. What this means is that if you click on it or buy from that link I get a commission. I will always state if it is an affiliate link in the end or the beginning of the posts.

There will be no cost for you using these links, but only a commission for me from the retailer.

The funds I earn are used to support this blog so I can keep up the work that I spend on it.

All income will go directly back to this blog buying new products to try out.

I will not start affiliation with stores or brands that I don’t like for certain reasons (could be prizes, behavior of the customer service) and I will not recommend brands that I don’t support myself.

My affiliate links

Glow recipe

If you are interested in working with me, placing an ad or other inquiry please email me at loveforkbeauty@hotmail.com

And please bare in mind that:
I do need time to test the products out
My opinions are my own and I will not recommend a product I don’t like.
If I agree to do the review, the content will be sent to you after publishing on my blog or SNS.

Updated 17/11-2023