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Dr Lipp Lip Tint review

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Dr Lipp Lip Tint comes in three colors
Full size 8ml
Sample size 4ml
11 USD (Full size)


100% Medical Grade Lanolin, Anthrocyanins, Distarch Phosphate, Glyceryl Carprylate.

My thoughts on Dr Lipp Lip Tint

I received this in one of my Lookfantastic subscription boxes.

This is the first time I try any product from this brand. I always love when I get to try products from a brand for the first time. Usually if a product is really good I start looking at other products from the same brand just to get an overall thought on the brand.

I am not a lip product person, that is I usually don’t wear much lip products at all. I usually prefer a tint/stain type of product. If you don’t know what a tint/stain is you can read about that here.


Dr Lipp lip tint comes in a regular squeeze type of packaging and there really isn’t much to say about it. They different shades comes in different colored tubes. Which I really like since one can see directly what shade the product has. I do have a problem with packaging were all shades has the same color. At least have a clear marking on the top or bottom of the product so one doesn’t have to open or remember the name of the shade.

Dr Lipp Lip Tint in sweet potato 002
Dr Lipp Lip Tint

The tint is made of lanolin which is an amazing moisturizing products that is produced from sheep’s wool. If you ever breast fed you will probably already know how amazingly lanolin works on other parts of your body (not saying anything more on that topic, but I did give a hint).

I love the whole thought behind these tints, simply 100% natural. No parabens, no fragrance, mineral oils or other ingredients you really don’t need. So top score for that.

But does that mean that the product is amazing. Sadly, no it doesn’t. As for moisture, it does a great job. My lips do feel really moisturized when I use it. But they also feel sticky.

When you lick your lips after applying it you get that oil taste in your mouth. That taste or more like the feeling of oil in your mouth lasts quite some time and I am not a fan of that.

To keep that problem as small as possible you need to apply only a very small amount to your lips. Then that feeling isn’t as bad, but it is still there.

The color I got was sweet potato, and it is the color I would go for, if I was to buy it on its own.

So basically I can say that it is a really nice moisturizing lip product but the main problem I have with it is the taste in my mouth when I use it.

Dr Lipp Lip Tint in sweet potato 003
Swatch shade Sweet Potato

When I looked at the pamphlet from Lookfantastic they also recommended using it on the eye lid. I would never ever recommend that, since it is lanolin and it might get into your eye. An oil or a fat will move on your lid and the risk of it getting into the eye is really high. And I really can’t understand why one would add a substance that is sticky (and wont dry) on your lid. This is not something that is recommended on Dr Lipp’s web page it was basically just in the pamphlet. But it got me reacting to its weirdness.

I give this product 2/7

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