Dragon liquid lipsticks
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Dragon liquid lipsticks review


16 different colors
Not a fake product, instead the packaging is a dupe to NYX

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My thoughts on Dragon liquid lipsticks

I had a period in my life that I saw so many people on Instagram and Pinterest wearing the most beautiful lipsticks and I suddenly realized that I simply had to do the same. First of all, I have to say that I am not a lipstick person at all, I usually think I look older with lipstick or simply just trashy. I often use tints to get a nice shade on my lips that isn’t too much. It is probably just that I am insecure when it comes to lipsticks and I just have to try them out. I do have a problem with feeling products on my lips, I don’t want any stickiness or any dryness on my lips. Yes, I know this is weird but still that is just my preference.

Dragon liquid lipsticks
Dragon liquid lipsticks

But I decided to shop some lipsticks and to try some of the cheap once out that you find on eBay, Wish and similar shopping places. I was really surprised to what I received and I really feel that I might change the way I use lipsticks and lip products to include them in my makeup routine. I ordered 6 shades

Dragon liquid lipsticks
Swatches from left to right shades 01,03,04,06,14,16


And I have to say that I really like all Dragon liquid lipsticks, some shades are better than others (depending on what you are looking for). The metallic shades are more shear than the others and I feel that they really don’t last as long as the regular once. All shades dry down to a matte finish.

Dragon liquid lipsticks
Dragon liquid lipsticks

Dragon liquid lipsticks do feel a little dry on my lips but that is what to be expected of a matte lipstick. I don’t feel that they are worse than other matte liquid lipstick I’ve tried. So I still think this is a great product to buy if you are looking for some nice lipsticks and don’t want to spend too much money.

I give this product 4/7

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