Etude House fix and fix fixer powder
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Etude House fix and fix fixer powder review

Etude House fix and fix fixer powder
Etude House fix and fix fixer powder


8-10 USD
SILICA powder

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

These products were sent to me from Etude House as I have been a part of their blogging program Pink Bird for 6 months.

Read about my experience working with them here.

Etude House fix and fix fixer powder

My thoughts on Etude House fix and fix fixer powder

I will just start by saying that I am not a powder person at all. I have super dry skin and I feel that a lot of powder products makes my skin super dry and by making it even more dry, it makes my skin look older. And that is a look I am not going for. I am not about looking a lot younger than I am, more looking the best as my skin and age allows me to.

When I first tried this powder I was totally amazed, my skin felt so smooth that it was almost a ridiculous feeling. But since it is a silica powder it makes total sense.

Etude House fix and fix fixer powder

The packaging is nice, it is on the simpler side of packaging, a plastic container and a puff. But that is one of the best packaging for a loose powder so no negativity here.

It does come with a puff, but I really don’t like using it since I don’t feel that it is hard to control the amount of product added on my face. So, I tend to use a brush instead.

The claims of this is that it is somewhat mattifying with a luminous finish. I would say that it is really mattifying and I don’t see any luminous finish at all. If my skin weren’t so dry I would totally love this product but it is really drying on my skin. I haven’t tried any powder that actually works on me without making my skin feel totally stripped of moisture.Etude House fix and fix fixer powder

But as a powder, this has everything I would want. It is a white powder and it tends to lighten you skin a little bit. But you need the tiniest amount of the product, because it spreads really easy on the skin.

As for the lasting power off my makeup I really can’t say. Because of my dry skin and the country I live in (Sweden). My makeup almost always lasts a really long time anyway. But my guess is that if you have normal to oily skin, this would be a great powder to try out.


I give this product 5,5/7


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