Cheap lipsticks from Ebay, totally surprised. A review on Eyeberry lipsticks

Eyeberry lipstick

Eyeberry lipstick
Eyeberry lipstick Shade 06 and 15


They come in 15 shades
3,5 g
1,89 USD
I bought mine on ebay, from this seller and I really don’t know where else you can get them.

Eyeberry lipstick

My thoughts on the Eyeberry lipsticks

Ohhh i love this. These are amazing and I love the colors on them. You have 15 colors to choose from so there will probably be a few colors that will suit you.

The come in a box, with the ingredients in Chinese. The packaging is simple, black and yet elegant. Since the product are thin, don’t screw it up too much when applying it to your lips, or it will easily break.

They are really creamy and last quite long on my lips. The finish is somewhat shiny and it suits me well since I already have a lot of matt once. I really like how moisturizing these are so I will order two more just to see if all are as good as these. And then of course I just need more colors.

Eyeberry lipstick shade 06 and 15
Shade nr 06 and 15
Eyeberry lipstick 06
Eyeberry lipstick
Eyeberry lipstick 15
Eyeberry lipstick

I have shade nr 06 and 15 and just ordered 12 and 13 as well

The colors of the once I own has been really nice, they are creamy and really easy to apply. They last a long time on my lips and they leave a tinted lip when dried off.

When I ordered these, they are told to be matt and waterproof. Well they are not, they do leave a somewhat shiny finish and they do smudge.

Where to get it


I give this product 5/7


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