Eyeshadow brushes from eBay
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Eyeshadow brushes from eBay

I bought these eyeshadow brushes from eBay and I was really surprised by the quality of these.

Eyeshadow brushes from eBay
Eyeshadow brushes from eBay


Set of 5 brushes
~2 USD

Eyeshadow brushes from eBay

My thoughts on Eyeshadow brushes from eBay

These brushes are really amazing. I really don’t see the need to spend too much money on brushes. (but then I am not great in makeup) but I do feel that these brushes fulfill the needs I have, which simply are applying and blending my eyeshadow nicely. They are super soft and really gets the job done. I have had these for maybe six months and I still haven’t noticed anything bad with them at all.

Eyeshadow brushes from eBay

They don’t shed at all. Not at least the once I got. They pack the shadow nicely and blend it easily. Just like that. For the prize of a few dollars I am simply blown away by this set. I actually bought the set for only the reason of the tiniest brush, since I was looking for brush that could do a good job in applying and blending the eyeshadow at my lower eyelid.

I give this product 7/7


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