Focallure liquid lipsticks
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Focallure liquid lipsticks review

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Focallure liquid lipsticks
Comes in metallic and matte shades
~1.5 USD

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My thoughts on Focallure liquid lipsticks

I really love Focallure liquid lipsticks, they have everything I am looking for (that is when looking for matte lipstick). They come in beautiful shades and I am simply really happy with these.

Focallure liquid lipsticks
Focallure liquid lipsticks

They dry completely matte and they do dry very fast so one doesn’t walk around with sticky lips half the day. And they are completely waterproof and won’t rub off even when wet.

I tried them all out by trying to remove them with Thank you farmer, back to Iceland cleansing water. With three strokes with the water, a small amount was removed. When using Missha deep clear cleansing oil, it removed a little bit more, but the shade in the middle was the hardest to remove. So they really stay put once you applied them.

Focallure liquid lipsticks
Directly after application from left to right 08,11,13

Shade 08

Glides on really easily, a little sheer but I don’t need more product than what is on the brush to cover my lips. When wearing this I really don’t feel that I am wearing a lipstick, so it feels really nice on the lip. Lasted through a meal with no problem.

Focallure liquid lipsticks
Doe foot

The applicator of shade 08 and 11 packs a lot of product, and I really recommend you to apply from the tip of the applicator first, otherwise you might get a lot of product outside your lip line.

This shade dries completely matte and it is my favorite shade. When it comes to scent it is sweetly scented so it has a nice smell to it.

When using liquid lipsticks, it is really important to exfoliate the lips before wearing (especially if your lips are dry to begin with) or it will look really flaky on the lips. You can use a towel a toothbrush or a lip exfoliator to do this.

I did not feel that this shade dried my lips out either.

Trying to smudge whilst wet

Shade 11

This shade is also very easy to apply. It glides on easily and I only need one layer to cover completely. The shade leaves some stickiness on the lips, but when putting a small amount of powder on top, the stickiness is gone. This shade also has a very nice scent to it. This one also lasts a long time on my lips.

Shade 13

This shade differs from the others. Probably due to that I bought this earlier on and they probably changed the formula and the doe foot after that. This one doesn’t have the sweet smell but smells more chemical instead. The applicator also differs, but both versions work fine. The doe foot for shade 8 and 11 takes a little more product.

It dries completely matte and it’ feels just a little sticky on the lips without powder. But when adding a little powder on top the stickiness is gone.

I give this product 6/7

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