Shade 07 and 11
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Focallure matte lipsticks crayon: review


19 shades
18 grams

I have five shades

05 Smoky Carmine
07 Coral Pink
08 Fuzzy Wuzzy
10 WMD Auburn
11 Nude Desert

Shades 07, 08 11
Shades 07, 08 11
Shade 07 and 11
Shade 07 and 11

My thoughts on Focallure matte lip crayon

These are simply amazing. I really can’t find one thing about these that I doesn’t like. They truly have it all.

These Focallure lipsticks comes in a pretty and simple packaging which I really like. They also come in a pen form which I find easier to apply then a regular lipstick

Focallure matte lip crayon

I don’t wear lipsticks very often, I always seem to forget when going somewhere. I really don’t know why that is because I really think lipsticks are pretty and makes the face more alive. There is not often I find many shades that suits me and I really don’t know why. I guess that there are people who can rock off any shade and then there is me.

Focallure matte lip crayon

When I buy lipstick I always go for the same colors, brown -red and pink. That is my safe zone. But nothing too strong or I will simply look weird.

These lipsticks are creamy and really easy to apply, they have a really moisturizing and smooth formula as well which makes them perfect for dry lips as well.

Focallure matte lip crayon
Focallure matte lip crayon

The finish is satin/matte and one can always make them sparkle by adding a gloss on top. They are also great to layer, even different colors on top of each other to create a new shade of your own.

Swatches Shades 07, 08 11
Swatches Shades 07, 08 11

They last a long time on my lips but they are not kiss proof and since they are really moisturizing, I did not expect them to be.

I really want all of them, even though I seldom use lipstick I feel that these might change me.

Swatches Shade 07 and 11
Swatches Shade 07 and 11

I give this product 7/7

Where to get it



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