FoodAHolic Lemon Moisture Hand Cream
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FoodAHolic Lemon Moisture Hand Cream Review

FoodAHolic Lemon Moisture Hand Cream
FoodAHolic Lemon Moisture Hand Cream


Comes in five versions
100 ml


can’t find

My thoughts on FoodAHolic Lemon Moisture Hand cream

I received this with my latest haul from Jolse. I really cant find much information on the product and it isn’t available on their webpage. Which I do find a little weird. I have tried another version of this hand cream and I will link my review to that one in the end of this post.

I always use hand creams. My skin is really dry and since Covid hit I am washing my hands even more than I did before so my hands are in need of moisture.

FoodAHolic Lemon Moisture Hand Cream

FoodAHolic Lemon Moisture Hand Cream does smell a lot of lemon and that is actually a scent I can tolerate. I do prefer my hand creams to be without scent though. The scent does linger for some time.

The cream is really lightweight and feels almost wet on my skin. It does penetrate rather fast but the feeling after using it is not that my hands are happy and moisturized. It is more like my hands are wet. I can apply several layers of this and it still isn’t moisturized for my hands. I don’t know if this is due to that my hands are on the drier side and if your hands just needs a little bit of moisture this might be enough.


If you need a little bit of moisture this might work well for you, but I do think there are a lot of great hand creams out there so I really don’t recommend it.


I give this product 1/7

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