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Globe and Maria Åkerberg event

I recently went to a small informative event in my hometown organized by a hairdresser salon called Globe.

The salon work with 100 percent green products for example Maria Åkerberg and C/O Gerd which both have amazing products that are completely plant based.

I have written about products from Maria Åkerberg and C/O Gerd (English) before and found product working really amazing for me, and some not. (links to a few reviews down below)

The event was really informative and one of the hairdresser Lena informed about the risks with both skincare and haircare. If you don’t use any analyzing tools for your products, I really recommend you to. I usually go for Skincarisma or Cosdna or if there is any other service out there that you prefer, that is perfectly fine as well. Sometimes we just buy products believing they are safe when they truly aren’t. If you start looking at your products in deep you will be scared. There are so many skincare brands and haircare brands that uses unsafe ingredients. And I am talking about high end brands as much as cheaper drugstore brands. What products or brands are to be truly trusted

I almost always analyze products before buying them, unless there is something I really want to review of talk about. Or if a product is send to me for review purposes. I am not telling you to throw away everything you own, I am just telling you to be aware and make your mind up on your own.  I just want to inform you that by analyzing your products you might find a reason for a certain reaction on your skin.

Globe and Maria Åkerberg event
Maria Åkerberg gift

I really want to learn more, and I definitely will look into more in depth analysis of certain ingredients that really shouldn’t be in our skin or hair products. And I will do a series of posts regarding certain ingredients like PEG:s, mineral oils and others. There are two sides to everything and I will try to inform both ways. For example PEG:s are considered to be really bad for both health and environment (according to some) and safe according to others. But simply you will have to choose a version that feels good for you.


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