Goodiebox September 2019

Goodiebox September 2019 Switch it up Unboxing

Goodiebox September 2019
Goodiebox September 2019

Link to Goodiebox (Sweden)

What is Goodiebox?

Goodiebox works the same way as any other subscription box does. You start by subscribing to a monthly box and you can always end your subscription when ever you feel like. This subscription box costs 199 SEK (about 20 USD) including shipping. The value inside the box is at least 750 SEK (75 USD) and the amount of products varies between 5 and 7.

What was in my Goodiebox Switch it up

  • MineTan Violet gradual tan foam
  • Afterspa Magic makeup remover
  • Comme deux Pinkdrops
  • Fulgent World Nail file glass
  • AEther Xtream Eau de Parfum

Goodiebox September 2019

Thoughts on Goodiebox September 2019 Switch it up

This was not a wow box for me. Actually the only thing I was really happy about was the serum and the nail file. I am not much of a self tanning person (maybe I will start thought) so I am not super interested in that and the perfume, since I don’t use perfume at a daily basis. The scent I am not so sure about either. But still looking forward in trying all the products out.

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