Hada labo cleansing foam
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Hada labo super hyaluronic cleansing foam

Hada labo cleansing foam
Hada labo cleansing foam

My thoughts on Hada labo super hyaluronic cleansing foam

This is a really mild cleanser and you can really feel that it is gentle. It hasn’t surprised me yet. But still this is just a first impression and I have heard so much about it. It is a very good packaging and it comes out the pump as a foam, so you don’t need to foam it up before applying to the skin.

After using it my skin doesn’t feel too dry but still my skin feels dry after a short amount of time after using it. I am happy that It doesn’t have a specific smell to it but it still smells like something, I just can’t put any words to it, cream or plastic maybe. I really am interested in trying this product for a longer time to see what my thoughts are.

Where to get Hada labo super hyaluronic cleansing foam


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