Haul Fina MIg

A tiny haul Fina mig

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Fina mig is Swedish and translates to Pretty me or handsome me.

Link to the store (in Swedish)

This is the tiniest haul ever and I really didn’t expect myself to write a single post on this at all. But I was so happily surprised by the effort this company puts into even a small order that I simply had to.

Haul Fina MIg
haul fina mig

The only thing I ordered was a shampoo from Maria Åkerberg and this is the packaging I get.

This is a company that is service minded for sure and it doesn’t matter the amount you spend. You still get a lovely package send to you. In Sweden, it is not very common to get samples when you buy anything at all. Once and awhile there is a piece of candy (don’t ask me why candy) in the box, but this one had a sample of c/o GERD shower gel 30 ml in it. I really love when companies send samples, it gives me a chance to try before I buy and I usually find a lot of great products this way.

Maria Åkerberg Shampoo Nettle and sample c/o Gerd Shower gel haul fina mig
Maria Åkerberg Shampoo Nettle and sample c/o Gerd Shower gel


The shampoo I ordered is organic and contains Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) and Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) and distort hair growth. I really love Maria Åkerbergs shampoos. They are simply amazing and works great on my hair. This one I will do a full review on when I have tried it longer.

By using Refunder you also get a 4% discount at this store.


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