A lip palette sample from Heimish 5 Color Lip Palette Sample review with gorgeous colors

I got this palette in December Mishibox and was really surprised by it, at least by its beautiful colors.

I think that all colors of the palette are amazing and they suit me perfectly. The colors are quite sheer and you need to layer to get a lot of color (so the samples only last a short time).

Heimish lip palette
Heimish lip palette

They are supposed to be moisturizing but I really don’t agree on that. I feel that they dry me out (I do have dry lips to begin with). So be sure to moisturize before using them if you are like me.

I use a brush when applying, because I don’t like dipping my fingers in the product and it is simply more hygienic to use an applicator.

They are not kiss proof and won’t last you very long on the lips (so a regular lipstick). I can’t feel any difference between the two types of lipsticks so I would simply only choose the color of preference, if ordering a full size product. The colors are really great and they are for everyday use. They do have a scent, but the scent is pleasant and sweet.

The full-size product is as any regular lipstick in size and form.

Heimish lip palette 5 colors

The colors are from left to right

MRRD01 Hard day from the series Dailisim mineral Rich Lipstick
MRCR01 Working day from the series Dailisim mineral Rich Lipstick
RGBE01 Morning calm from the series Dailisim serum rouge
RGOR01 Morning glow from the series Dailisim serum rouge
RGPK04 Early bright from the series Dailisim serum rouge

Heimish lip palette swatches

I give this product 4/7

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