Hope girl face touch stick
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Hope girl face touch stick Review

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Hope girl face touch stick
4 colors
10 USD

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My thoughts on Hope girl face touch stick

If you have dry skin and still use powder products you might want to start trying using cream products to see if this is something for you. My skin is super dry and then I mean super dry and powder products works ok for me during summer time, but all other time of the year I need to use cream products or my skin will look even more dry.

The Hope girl face touch stick is really creamy and blends easily. I usually apply it with the stick and then blend with my fingers to get it even. This blush wont mess up the underneath makeup since it is really creamy but still be a little careful when blending it out.

The color is a little too coral for me, and I usually go for more rose red colors when it comes to blushes. This color do work for me but I don’t tend to go for it that much.

Hope girl face touch stick
Hope girl face touch stick

If you really fancy coral colors this is a really good option for you.

If you use powders be sure to apply all the creamy products before you apply powders or your makeup will look really patchy.

The packaging is really nice, it is black with its color as a marking which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

The Hope girl face touch stick is not scented and is fine to layer if you need some more color. It leaves a smooth surface on the skin without stickiness or oiliness.

Hope girl face touch stick

The blush doesn’t contain any glitter or shimmer which I prefer since I only want to use shimmer or glitter as a highlighter. I do feel that when you get older the less shimmer or glitter you want and especially if you have dry skin. But that is just my personal preference. If you love shimmers and glitters that is great and keep on doing it.

I give this product 5/7

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