Banish Starter kit
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I will try the Banish Starter kit

Banish Starter kit

I was contacted by Banish and asked if I wanted to try some of their products out. Whenever I get asked by a brand to try products out I do research on the brand to see if this really is for me. Simply because brand sometimes asks if you would like to try products that is definitely not suited for my skin type and then I really don’t see the need for me. Since I really cant say anything on the product. For example if I get asked to try products for really oily skin I would say no, since my skin is super dry.

In these cases the product do more damage then good since it is not suited for your specific skin type. And if I would write a review on that then it would be completely wrong since I don’t have oily skin.

Always bare that in mind when you read reviews from bloggers or influencers. They might love a product that you hate, and simple the skin type difference might be all that differs.

So Banish is a brand that advertises towards acne scars and at first my thought were to say no. Only because I don’t actually have acne scars. So I wanted to talk to the brand and do my research first.

When I read about the products they are good for active acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark marks fine lines and boosting collagen production. So I wrote to the company saying that if I try the products out they would know that I couldn’t say anything about acne scars (simply because I don’t have any). But instead I will try the products out for hyperpigmentation, dark marks and collagen production.

Banish Starter kit
Banish Starter kit

So after doing a little more research and seeing that James Welsh  (who is an amazing skincare YouTuber) recommended the products I got really interested. James Welsh is a guy I trust and I do feel that he is spot on, on lots of things. So I contacted the brand and said that I would love to try the products out. They never asked for reviews or any comments at all, but of course that is what I will do. I will do reviews on all the products and put out both YouTube videos and posts on Instagram.

What did I received from Banish

  • Oil
  • Vitamin C Beauty Elixir
  • Fighter gel
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
  • Vitamin C Cream
  • Banisher

(These products are included in the starter kit)

I also get to try the

  • Banish All Clear Mint Cleanser

So before I am able to say anything at all I need to try the products out. Usually I will need at least a month before saying anything. Probably longer depending on how long the products lasts me.


Where to get the products



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