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IVY Aia Cleansing mousse


Allergy certificate
No paraben, no perfume and no coloring
150 ml


Could not find anywhere which is a big disappointment

My thoughts on IVY Aia Cleansing mousse

I received this in one of my Goodieboxes and this is the first time I heard about the brand. This is why I really love subscription boxes. It is a great opportunity to find those products you really wouldn’t look at in the store.

The packaging of IVY Aia Cleansing mousse is really nice, it comes in a plastic container with a pump and when pumping the product comes out already foamed up. Normally when you have a foam cleanser you need to work up the foam between your palms. But I simply love products like these.

The foam IVY Aia Cleansing mousse
The foam

The foam is really amazing, it is nice and soft and the cleanser does a great job. If you are using a full makeup I would recommend double cleansing since it doesn’t remove all in one cleanse. I always recommend double cleansing when you use a lot of makeup since you really get your face clean when using first an oil and then a foam.

In the morning I don’t double cleanse in the morning, but simply use one cleanser. Sometimes I use a foam and sometimes I use an oil, it depends on my skin and how dry it is.

When using the IVY Aia Cleansing mousse my skin feels nice and it is not stripped from its moisture. My skin doesn’t feel moisturized after using it (usually never does). But it doesn’t feel super dry either. So if you have sensitive or dry skin this might be a perfect match for you.

I give this product 5/7

Lovely foam
Lovely foam

Where to get it

IVY Aia Instagram

Normal (Sweden)

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