Jordgobé refreshing Scrub mask

Jorgobé Scrub mask review

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Jorgobé scrub mask
100% vegan
100 ml
28 USD


2- in-1 scrub mask that can be used as both a scrub cream and a deep-cleansing mask. Black jojoba eeling beads help remove impurities and leave your skin refreshed with a cooling sensation.

How to use it

Either you use it as a scrub or as a scrub mask. If you use it as a scrub you apply an appropriate amount and massage for a couple of minutes. Then you rinse it off. When using at a scrub mask you do the same as before except you leave it on for about 15 minutes after massaging. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply the rest of your skincare routine as usual.

My thoughts on Jorgobé scrub mask

I received this mask in one of my subscription boxes

This is sort of a two type of product and depending on your skin type I would use it in differently. If you have the same type of skin as me, that is desert dry I would use it as a scrub only. But if you are on the oilier side I think it would be great to use it as a mask as well. If you are in between I would really recommend you to try it out and see what suits your skin type the best.

Jorgobé scrub mask
Jorgobé scrub mask Swatch

Since I run a blog I of course tested it out both ways. As I said before my skin is really dry. During the summer time my skin is way better and not so painful. But since I live in Sweden the summers can be really short and the in between time is what I need to focus on when it comes to my skincare routine.

The packaging of Jorgobé scrub mask is nice and the type of packaging I prefer. Sometimes scrub masks comes in a tub and you need to dip your fingers (or use a spatula) in the tub. For hygienic reasons the tube is way better since you don’t spread bacteria in the tube.

As a scrub

When I use Jorgobé scrub mask as a scrub my skin feels really nice afterwards. I do have a problem with the menthol in the product since I tend to think it takes over. But as a scrub that feeling isn’t that long lasting. The beads inside can be quite harsh so if you are sensitive be sure to wet your face before applying the scrub and it will be much more gentle on your skin.

As a mask

When I use it as a mask, the menthol makes it impossible for me to use it the full time. I have sensitive eyes and when I have that menthol fume around my eyes start watering and I really cant say that is a feeling I prefer. After washing it off my skin feels really clean. That is always the case when there is menthol in my products. That squeaky clean feeling. The menthol feeling stays on for quite some time after washing it off as well. So if you live in a cold country I would not recommend that you go outside for quite some time:-)

I did not expect the mask to make my skin feel very moisturized after using it and it really didn’t either. More on the drier side. So I do think that this product is better suited for oilier skin types

If you like that menthol on your face this might be amazing for you, but if you are like me I would not recommend you using it as a mask but it is fine to use as a scrub cream instead.

I give this product 2/7

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