Karmameju Hero pH solution
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Karmameju Hero pH solution review


200 ml

27 USD


Aqua/water/eau, glycerin (vegetable), pentylene glycol (natural source), pectin, hydroxyacetophenone, citric acid. Ingredient list may change or vary.

How to use it

Apply directly after contact with water, on face, scalp or hands.

My thoughts on Karmameju Hero pH solution

I received this in one of my subscription boxes.

A pH regulating product is an amazing product since its goal is to neutralize the pH of the products you are using to clean your skin and face with. So this type of product is really amazing, especially if your skin is pH sensitive in any way.

Karmameju Hero pH solution
Karmameju Hero pH solution

pH regulating ingredients are also common in a lot of toners, so if you have a pH regulating toner this will not do much for you.

The packaging is nice and simple. It comes in a plastic bottle with a pump so it is easy to get the right amount of product. Karmameju Hero pH solution is scented but more a natural scent then anything else. I simply mean it smells a little chemical. Its consistency is watery and a little gel like but it is clear in color and turns watery when you warm it up between your palms.

When I use this on my hand my hands feel really moisturized and I really don’t feel the need of a hand cream (at this moment in time when we wash our hands so much this is a really nice product to add to your routine).

When I use it on my face I am not that happy. When I apply this after my cleanser it leaves a film on my skin. That acts a little cooling but I don’t find it to be pleasuring at all. More if I smile I feel that film cracking. I cant see anything when I look at my skin, but the feeling is clear to me. And as I have super dry skin this is not a feeling I like at all.

Karmameju Hero pH solution

Basically I love the idea of a pH regulating product and they usually are really great. As for this one, I really like it on my hands and I will use it for that reason only and not on my face.

I give this product 3/7


Where to get it




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