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Korean Exfoliating Mitt / Italy Towel



How to use it

Make sure that the skin has been wet for some time before using the mitt and the scrubbing becomes more gentle to the skin. Rotate in circular motions.

My thoughts on Korean Exfoliating Mitt / Italy Towel

Korean Exfoliating Mitt is just one of those products that are great and I was so happy when trying this one out for the first time.

I am used to these gloves that you can use as a scrub mitt or as a potato scrubber. So I am not new to exfoliating my skin. And I always thought they were super great. The only thing is that they are quite harsh on the skin and I do feel that it easy to be too harsh with them. They do remove dead skin easily as well. The Italy cloth is instead a little bit gentler to the skin but really effective as well and if I got to choose between them I would go for the Italy cloth instead.

I haven’t read any description on not using it on your face but I would really NOT recommend you doing so. It is still too harsh for the face.

There are several types of Korean Exfoliating Mitt and the once I have used is probably the cheapest once. They do come in different materials and some have a tighter cuff part which would be much easier to use then the once I have.

The only negative thing I can say is that due to that I have the cheaper versions (without a tighter cuff) it easily glides of my hand when using it which is a little annoying so next time I will definitely go for one with a cuff.

I give this product 7/7

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