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Laneige water bank essence first impression

Laneige water bank essence review
Laneige water bank essence review


10 ml (sample size)
60 ml original size 36 USD

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

I received this in a Bomibag I won not so long ago, see that post here.

I heard so much about this one and I was really expecting something special. But I only received a sample size of it so I will just do a first impression on it since it is simply too little product to say more.

Laneige water bank essence review

How to use it

It is an essence so you simply use it after toner but also after other products that is more liquid.

I usually add 1-2 pumps to my face and pat the product into my skin.

My thoughts on Laneige water bank essence

I think this is a good essence but I don’t feel that it is worth the money. The essence is suitable for all skin types and I totally agree to that. It does make my skin feel nice after applying it.

It is a very easy essence to use since it absorbs really quickly into the skin.

Laneige water bank essence review

The essence is not watery to start with, but when applying it turns liquid which makes it really easy to use. It is scented but not too strong (I have had a cold for three weeks so the smell might be stronger) and it has a floral scent.

I have super dry skin and I really didn’t notice any difference on my dryness adding this product to my routine. This could be due to that I already use a lot of moisturizing products and that there is simply nothing more I can do.

If you have dry (not extreme), normal or oily skin this might be the perfect essence for you. I really have a hard time recommending this product due to its price tag. I feel that Innisfree the green tea seed serum does exactly the same thing as this one and is much cheaper so I would simply recommend that one instead.

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