Lindsay energizing gold modeling mask
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Lindsay energizing gold modeling mask; First impression

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Lindsay energizing gold modeling mask
Comes in 5 versions
Brightening pearl
Energizing gold
Ice hyaluronic
Purifying charcoal
Moisture spirulina


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Removes wastes and dead skin cells to help moisture and nutrients sink into the skin. It contains alginate and gold powder which enhances moisture effect and power of skin nutrition.

How to use it

Open the Lindsay energizing gold modeling mask at the dotted line, carefully so the powder wont spill. Then add 7 spoons (the spoon is in the packaging) and mix well. Apply thickly on clean skin and let sit for about 20 minutes (until mask sets. Remove mask by peeling it off. then apply the rest of your skincare routine.

My thoughts on Lindsay energizing gold modeling mask

I have tried a few modeling masks before, and I do feel they are really doing a great job in making my skin feel amazing. This one was no exception.

The packaging is a little difficult to handle and I do prefer when they come in a cup instead (simply makes mixing a little easier.

When opening the packaging there is going to be some spill, but there is enough product to go around anyways so don’t worry if you do spill some.

There is a spoon and a mixing tool in the packaging so it will make the measuring and mixing a little easier.

When adding water be sure to work quite fast (but there is no need to stress) when mixing it up or it will be some lumps in the mixture. But just keep on mixing and the lumps will disappear. I do feel that since the packaging is created the way it is. There will be some problem getting it all to mix well.

When applying the Lindsay energizing gold modeling mask be sure to do a heavy coat and it will be easier to remove it later on. The mask is a little messy, but it is worth it. I always lay down until the mask hardens (just so it wont drip all over the place) and I really recommend that you do. Or you might have a trail to clean up afterwards.

When wearing the Lindsay energizing gold modeling mask, it feels really calming and cooling on my skin, and I really do like the feeling of it.

When my 20 minutes has passed you just remove the mask. It removes really easy by just peeling it off. If there are some residues, just rinse with some lukewarm water.

After removing it my skin feels: really cool and calm. Not dry or uncomfortable but not very moisturized either. I could not see any direct effect on my skin after one use. But my skin felt really nice and I am all about how something makes my skin feels. This is a mask that I really wished I had more of since I did like the way it made my skin feel.

I give this product 6/7

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